phpMIB is an IRC BOT coded with high modularity in mind. Its core has basic internal functions such as the ones that raise trigger commands auto-colletcing their parameters, the ones that manage an ACL with three kind of permission and a channel/query scope, etc.

Get phpMIB
You can download phpMIB and its modules from project's pages on Follow this link to go directly to file repository for phpMIB, or browse here the whole projects pages.

API Structure
Modular coding is really easy with phpMIB's API: it allows adding commands in a fast and straight-to-the-point way. Just set a standard array structure for the command you want to implement and the core will think about the rest so that you can go directly writing the code for your features.

Why Beta?
phpMIB is still in Beta version even if it's fully operative as for the nowadays features because it lacks of a real IRC support, we have also to implement a better handling for IRC events, as long as a solution to load on the fly every modules you want without rebooting the bot (we're waiting PHP5 for this feature). Any contributes about these issues are welcome!