Core Module
[with `*' commands invokable only from a query to the bot]
[with `°' commands invokable only from channel the bot is in]
  •  !comandi ([module|all]): show available commands
    • (with no parameter list available modules)
    • [module]: list commands for the module [module]
    • [all]: list all commands
  •  !accesso [command|all]: show permission
    • [command]: only for the command [command]
    • [all]: for all command
  • °!die: shut of bot's execution
  •  !debug [on|off]: show an array with tokenized messages from server
    • [on]: enable debug mode
    • [off]: disable debug mode
  •  !method: show class's methods
  •  !permessi [command] [nick] [on|off|swap]: set up access
    • [command]: to command [command]
    • [nick]: for user [nick]
    • [on]: enabling him
    • [off]: disabling
    • [swap]: changing him to the already enabled user (where commands runnable by one user at time)
  •  !sleep [on|off]: put the bot in sleeping mode
    • [on]: enable
    • [off]: disable
  •  !var [property]: show value of property [property]